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For 50 years SchmitterGroup has been an important economic factor and with 236 employees it is the largest empoyer of the market town Thuengen. Because of this anniversary Mayor Lorenz Strifsky paid a visit to CEO Marco Schmidt

The Schmitter-history actually started in 1947 with Josef Schmitter GmbH as a sales agency for automotive spare parts in Bielefeld. Nine years later the production of fuel and diesel injection pipes commenced. In 1965 the production facilities in Thuengen for injection, fuel and hydraulic hose pipes was set up.


Soon the company started to extend with regard to space and products. In Arnstein Schmitter Hydraulik was established, the former Company TubeTec was incorporated as SchmitterChassis. Mannhein is a further location (SteloTec). In 2003 the site SchmitterAutomotiveAsia in Penang, Malaysia, was founded. In 2005 a sales office in Shanghai was opend and one year later SchmitterAustria in Gräberbach (Austria) was founded.

Meanwhile there is also a site in Bursa, Turkey. The latest step was the take over of Vincenz Wiederholt GmbH, headquartered in Holzwickede (North-Rhine-Westfalia) (as reported). In 2007 a new development was emerging at SchmitterGroup AG. The Chinese Zhongding Group became a new shareholder and has been majority shareholder with a share of 96% since 2009.

The CEO of SchmitterGroup, Schmidt, considers this as an extremely positve development, because his company, embedded in a concern that thinks and acts strategically while operating on a global scale, will also be enabled to ensure research and further development of the domestic site in future. SchmitterGroup is said to be well-positioned, despite the difficult situation which would require assertiveness in global competition against low-cost countries. Thus, his company would go for highly automated production, outstanding quality and constant innovation.

Currently the foci are on the fabrication of pistion coolings, fuel pipes, oil pipes, steering booster pipes, cylinder pipes for steering boxes, diesel particulate filter pipes, hydraulic cylinders, parts of steering columns and propeller shaft pipes. In Thuengen, mainly diesel and gasoline pipes (high and low pressure), piston coolings and steering booster pipes are produced.

Emphasis on the young

As CEO Schmidt emphasized that, despite any calculatio, the success in Thuengen was based on the team on-site. "If we want to be better than our competitors, we need to form a true team" he said. Therefore the top mangement put great emphasis on on the young - currently 15 young people are beeing apprenticed - and on further education, for instance in the dual system with vocational colleges and universities. Not only because of international relationships English skills are improved systematically.

Mayor Strifsky complimented the cooperation between SchmitterGroup and the municipality. The company was considered to be an indispensable economic factor for the market town Thuengen, he emphasized. His municipial administration would support the company in every respect, also with the plannings for extending the parking area near the recreation area. To treasure the joint 50 years he presented Schmidt, beside a basket of Thuengen beer specialities, with an engraved votive plate and a certificate.

Günter Roth, Thuengen

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